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Poured Concrete Foundations and flatwork


Driveway, Stoop, Porch, Sidewalk, Floors

Costs Money, Saves Money
Although initial cost for installation of a concrete surface vs. asphalt can be higher, the life of a concrete surface is at least twice that of asphalt.  Also, consider that the maintenance costs are many times more expensive than concrete!  
When all is said and done...concrete will save you money!

Protects Our Environment
Concrete is completely recyclable. A concrete mix uses abundant natural resources.  Asphalt is a petroleum based product.  Asphalt releases odorous petroleum based products into the air.  Concrete's natural color saves on electricity due to it's reflection of light and heat.

Long Life
1891-First concrete street poured in the U.S. in Bellefontaine, Ohio----
It still exists today!  
Actually, concrete hardens over time, gaining strength during its life.

Steel reinforced poured concrete walls offer performance that hollow block walls 
simply cannot match.


Our Beauty Is In Our Strength
Poured walls have a compressive and flexural strength many times that of block and far past that required for safety's concern.

Poured Concrete Basements Are Best
A solid poured concrete wall has additional attached cement binders to resist the cracking force.   A hollow block wall is depending entirely on the strength of the 
thin mortar connecting each concrete block.

Than A Concrete Block Wall
A solid concrete wall is basically water resistant.  Solid concrete weighs approximately 50lbs more per cubic foot than a hollow block wall this is due to the tightly packed structure of the solid concrete.  The structure gives solid concrete walls less significant empty spaces than hollow block walls.  This makes solid concrete basements drier giving you less risk for mold infestation.

Time Is Money
The average poured concrete foundation is completed in much less time than a block foundation.  This saves the builder time, increasing construction productivity.  With a large inventory of aluminum wall forms and multiple crews Jones Construction can schedule and complete your construction quickly.

Most Desirable
Poured concrete walls give you greater design options for your project due to the flexibility in forming and the strength of the final product.  
Brick or smooth texture available.

Added Integrity And Strength
Serves generations after the mortgage is paid.  Forty percent more concrete in a poured wall verses hollow block strengthens your home.